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Introducing the Ninja Suite

Anyone can build online courses quickly and easily with CourseSuite’s Ninja Suite tools

The NinjaSuite is a simple and powerful set of authoring tools that allow the rapid creation of intuitive, interactive HTML5-based SCORM courses. We also have other eLearning solutions — from authoring tools to Moodle Plugins to Learning Management System implementation and delivery.

Whether you are new to eLearning or an experienced developer, want to work from home or work (or abroad!), you're in the right place! It's never been so easy than with the NinjaSuite. Take the hassle out of SCORM development. You can build an online course in as little as five minutes and then upload it to your favourite Learning Management System.

A subscription will give you access to the apps listed below. Click on the tiles below for more information about each app. And as we develop and add more apps, you get them as part of your existing subscription.

*Apps are web based and require a desktop browser to run such as Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi or Firefox; other browsers or platforms may work but are not supported.

Are you a Moodle developer?

Free open source plugins for your Moodle

Extend your Moodle site with our open source plugins. Click the launch links below to be taken to demo pages for each of the plugins, then from there to download the source.

How else can we help you?

We do more than just create great apps

  • I need a new Learning Management System

    We project manage and develop for new Moodle builds, migrations and upgrades. Let us show you how painless it can be to set up a new eLearning portal.

  • I need course building software

    With our simple to use course building software you can build interactive HTML5 SCORM courses that will run on both desktop and tablet devices from the one file.

  • I need to purchase ready-made courses

    Get up and running quickly. We work with many content providers to allow you to provide your learners with industry relevant content instantly.

  • Our LMS needs a new look

    First impressions are important. We provide theming and branding to Moodle sites, ensuring themes will run on multiple browsers and tablet devices.

  • I need LMS hosting

    We work with exceptional LMS hosting providers to provide security and peace of mind. Regardless of the size of your organisation we can provide a solution that will fit your needs.

  • I need a custom plugin
    (or need one fixed)

    Sometimes you just need that bit extra. We can customise or develop Moodle plugins that will suit the exact business requirements of your organisation.

  • Something More?
    Email us!

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