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CourseBuilder Ninja is a fully featured course and quiz editor that lets you create rich, interactive HTML5 courses without knowing HTML or using esoteric Flash-based builders. It's much more than a simple slideshow maker - after all, if that's all you need then you can just use presentation software. But courses are ineffective communicators without interaction.

You can quickly add visual elements to your courses such as tab bars, expanding sections (accordions), slideshows, popup video, references and term definitions, balloon tips, flip-cards, inline quizzes and much more - all without knowing any scripting language or HTML.

CourseBuilder Ninja produces SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compatible courses that play on all your platforms - no more publishing multiple packages for each platform, or bundling extra code or hacks for just one device. Everything works the same everywhere.

We use this product internally and have developed it over a number of years and continue to produce course material using the tool. As we need new features or interactions, we add them in. Every time you download or preview a course, it gets updated to the latest code and includes the latest suite of interactions.

Multiple users can work on the same course at the same time. Publishing a course takes minutes and the courses themselves are typically only a few MB's in size. The built-in preview page hosts a simple SCORM API to emulate the package as it appears in a LMS environment, letting you test out suspending the session or how it appears at different screen resolutions.

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