Services beyond the Ninja Suite

Posted on 8th Feb 2018

Prefer to outsource the building of your courses? Get us to build your courses

At CourseSuite, we have experienced staff that can help you build your eLearning content. We have developed a lot of eLearning content and courses for various clients in the past, whilst using our own apps succesfully. Our 'Ninja Suite' is a new suite of apps that was started because we saw a need to develop eLearning content using the latest coding technologies and the latest server specifications, whilst utilising modern browser and device capablities.

HTML5 is our go-to export code base for all of our content, as we aim to give the best possible user experience on most modern devices.

Don't forget that we also offer services beyond our 'Ninja Suite' of apps.

Saving time and money on course development

Posted on 5th Feb 2018

Each time we release new apps more and more people are starting to spread the word. We can save you time and money and we think we'll get you telling your friends and colleagues how easy CourseSuite's Ninja Suite apps are to use. These simple and powerful apps provide course developers the ability to concentrate on developing their own specific content in the tools that they know best. Choose the best app to suit the purpose, load your content up, then we convert it into HTML5 ready eLearning courses ready to upload to your eLearning portal.

We have multiple apps designed for specific eLearning requirements. This saves you time and money.

New API SSO in Action

Posted on 31st Jan 2018

It's been said before but we thought we should show you how the secure CourseSuite API SSO can look and feel on a live portal. As our Ninja Suite of available apps grows in number the list of available app tiles availableon requesting 3rd party portals will grow dynamically with it.

New API access up and running

Posted on 23rd Jan 2018

A new API client has selected CourseSuite as their primary content development company. Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) has come on board and is now able to enjoy our new API subscription services and support.

Utilising our custom API single sign on integration process, they were able to embed our supplied API code into their Learning Management Portal, now allowing multiple content builders to access our cloud based content building apps and services.

No more staff hunting for that company credit card

Hunt for those company credit cards

Version Bump!

Posted on 1st Dec 2017

We've simplified the purchasing options by eliminating Tiers. You now get the apps with all their features. Oh, and we're also working on new apps - more on that soon.

If you're an existing subscriber at a lower tier, you'll now notice your app is at the higher tier (but your subscription price will stay the same - lucky ducks!).

New Client Builds Over 60 Courses in a Week

Posted on 2nd Nov 2017

Recently a large Australian Nursing organisation with over 300,000 members needed to rebuild over 60 of their old existing courses to migrate to a brand new system. They needed to build all of their new courses within 2 weeks because their old system was being turned off. And they only had one staff member available to build the new courses.

We initially helped them to create the first course in our CourseBuilder Ninja as a template - and, from there, they cloned it many times. They adapted each new course with the respective content and exported them as HTML5 SCORM courses.

Managing all the courses was made easy in our easy to use course catalogue landing page.

Many minor updates

Posted on 1st Nov 2017

We have simplified the way that users log in to CourseSuite, added support for launching apps through an API, and made a bunch of minor changes or bug fixes across our apps.

Logging on

You might have noticed that to sign in or register for the site, all you need to do is supply a valid email address. You are then assigned a password which you can use once to log into the site. We threw away the need to register and verify an email, then get a password and manage that password - the new approach is compatible with the old and means there's less for you to manage. We always need a valid email address, so that's rolled into the new system.


The CourseSuite API lets you externally authenticate and launch apps. API access will allow multiple concurrent users in the apps, give access to all apps and at their highest tier, and allow a degree of customisation to the appearance of apps. The API will be made available to the public soon!

Scorm Preview Ninja

Posted on 9th Aug 2017

We've had the Scorm Debug Ninja up for a while now, but today we've re-released it with a little more functionality as well as an easier to understand interface. No more opening the developer console to look at the SCORM api calls - it's right there on a tab. You can also try out different sizes. It remembers your packages for a couple of days then clears them out automatically (or you can delete them yourself).

Best of all, it's free to use - find it on the Freebies tab.

Document Ninja - Pro Tier Designs

Posted on 25th May 2017

Today we pushed out a new feature to all Document Ninja Pro-Tier subscribers - pre-built designs. When choosing a design for your courses, you can use the existing "basic" designs, or choose one of our ever-expanding list of pre-built designs.


We'll be adding new designs and colour variants over time, so be sure to check back now and then. Your feedback is welcome - just join a conversation.

As a bonus you can even edit the code, html and css of our basic designs using the Advanced tab to use your own styles or colours as you see fit.

Document Ninja Templates

Posted on 9th Mar 2017

The Document Ninja template selector has had a much-needed revamp, and we're soon adding some premium player skins for Pro users so you can give these simple courses fancy designs.


In the meantime, we've redesigned the theme selector with one thing in mind: simplicity. You can choose a colour and a layout kind, and we do the rest. Like the rest of the Document Ninja, we like to keep things uncomplicated (less is more, and all that).

You can read more about the new designs in the guides.

We know you love Internet Explorer, but it just isn't supported anymore. Please use a modern browser instead.