Has Video killed the PDF

It’s was mentions to us recently at an eLearning conference that Video has killed the pdf in eLearning!

One of the reasons that PDF's is being considered as a poor modern eLearning delivery method is that there may be better ways to present the same information in interesting dynamic instructional designed method, i.e. Video.

That being said there are production cost associated with Video's, which modern technologies are also making cheaper and easier to access but it does still factor in this discussion.

What’s the problem?

This really does come down to the tools that you use to create the content and how engaging it is. There are also some intrinsic completion tracking limitations that both Video and PDF’s have as do other file formats also have.

For instance can you track how long a student spends in the Video within your learning managment system?

Can you force a student to watch 80% of the Video before they move on the next conditionally released navigation item?

You could say the same for a PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Google docs, Google Slides etc, how do you track if a student actually reads the required content, how can you track that sort of content?


Excellence in Innovation

Avide/CourseSuite eLearning has just been awarded “Excellence in Innovation” by our local business community to celebrate creativity, professionalism and innovation.

This provides us a great big pat on the back for our entire hard working team here at Avide/CourseSuite eLearning. We have an awesome, well-rounded team of professionals with more than 60 years of combined eLearning experience in consulting and developing eLearning solutions. We taking pride in working in partnership with high calibre clients and innovation is embraced as part of our company culture – without it our business wouldn’t survive.

Rewarding Ninja Suite Success

We’ve been working hard for a long time to get to this point and we are really excited for the future.

Winning awards like this is really important to us as it’s recognition of what we are doing and we're very proud to have won. We’re now automatically entered into the next level of awards so we’ve got our fingers crossed for that as as well.

e-learning development company

BAM! Out with the not-so-old and in with the new.

The CourseSuite site has just had a major redesign from the bottom up at www.coursesuite.ninja


Well, we listened to others - our customers, other professional types and our mate next door. We found a number of improvements to make, from the subscription handling through to the navigation and user interface.

"Our ethos is to enable you effective use of our apps, allowing you to design cool courses Ninja Fast"

So we’ve changed it. The new design makes it easier to use. It's more informative, provides quick access to all the subscribed apps and allows you to take control of your subscriptions in one easy place.

CoureSuite new site

Doc Ninja We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve added powerful new features that make our very popular application even easier to use and more in tune with what’s needed in the eLearning space.

We've added new functionality that allows you to insert one or more simple quizzes into your Doc Ninja courses. It's so easy to use, you’ll be ripping out courses out in next to no time. Try it today at CourseSuites Doc Ninja

Course Assembler The Document Ninja is now even easier to use. We’ve made the whole process of selecting templates even simpler and we’ve added improved support for importing other new file formats. This includes Google slides and Moodle book activity IMS packages being added to our already impressive list of over 20 listed file formats that we can now convert to HML5 SCORM.

New navigation templates

There's also now more selectable navigation templates. Eighteen new templates are now available and the process for selecting each one has been made even simpler. You can also automatically test multiple layouts and export settings within the new rapid testing Preview Ninja application before having to upload each one to a LMS . This one process saves you a huge amount of testing time.

Collaborating on a course and publishing it as SCORM just got quicker! Our Course Assembler web-based app now has the ability to import and convert Google Slides. Work with others on your content and then, when you're ready, publish it to SCORM.

There are so many uses for the Course Assembler. Word, PDF, PowerPoint, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Slideshare, Moodle Book Activity IMS and many, many other formats can be imported and converted.

The video below is just one example of the Course Assembler in action. In this video we'll show how to convert some Google Slides, create a navigation structure, add some videos and a quiz and then publish it to SCORM - in less than ten minutes. Trial it for free today at www.coursesuite.ninja

If you'd like to try building a course with the same ingredients used in the video, the Google Slides URL is here and the YouTube videos are here and here.

The video below demonstrates how you can quickly preview your course before uploading to a Learning Management System or website.

And this video below gives an example of how to upload to a Learning Management System (in this demonstration we have used ScormCloud LMS)

Also see Doc Ninja

At CourseSuite, protecting our customer's data is fundamental to everything we do. We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others.

Our changes enable us to comply with the US-EU and high standards of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and take effect for new and existing users on May 25th, 2018 and thereon.

See our current Privacy Policy

Prefer to outsource the building of your courses? Get us to build your courses

At CourseSuite, we have experienced staff that can help you build your eLearning content. We have developed a lot of eLearning content and courses for various clients in the past, whilst using our own apps succesfully. Our 'Ninja Suite' is a new suite of apps that was started because we saw a need to develop eLearning content using the latest coding technologies and the latest server specifications, whilst utilising modern browser and device capablities.

HTML5 is our go-to export code base for all of our content, as we aim to give the best possible user experience on most modern devices.

Don't forget that we also offer services beyond our 'Ninja Suite' of apps.

Each time we release new apps more and more people are starting to spread the word. We can save you time and money and we think we'll get you telling your friends and colleagues how easy CourseSuite's Ninja Suite apps are to use. These simple and powerful apps provide course developers the ability to concentrate on developing their own specific content in the tools that they know best. Choose the best app to suit the purpose, load your content up, then we convert it into HTML5 ready eLearning courses ready to upload to your eLearning portal.

We have multiple apps designed for specific eLearning requirements. This saves you time and money.

It's been said before but we thought we should show you how the secure CourseSuite API SSO can look and feel on a live portal. As our Ninja Suite of available apps grows in number the list of available app tiles availableon requesting 3rd party portals will grow dynamically with it.

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