CourseSuite Site Update

Posted on 29th Jun 2018

BAM! Out with the not-so-old and in with the new.

The CourseSuite site has just had a major redesign from the bottom up at


Well, we listened to others - our customers, other professional types and our mate next door. We found a number of improvements to make, from the subscription handling through to the navigation and user interface.

"Our ethos is to enable you effective use of our apps, allowing you to design cool courses Ninja Fast"

So we’ve changed it. The new design makes it easier to use. It's more informative, provides quick access to all the subscribed apps and allows you to take control of your subscriptions in one easy place.

CoureSuite new site

So what's changed you ask! Everything.

We’ve made major changes to improve our site's mobile device support, your account control, support services, legal requirement updates and plenty more.

Our areas of support

Making sure the site is easy to navigate, know where you are at all times, provide easy access to all our apps, new (improved) guides, tutorials, access downloadable resources, more videos, improved help desk support and more.

Easily Managed

Control all your account information from one place now.

New Account Managment

GDPR compliant

We're GDPR compliant and have tightened our already secure system up even further. We’ve modified our login process to simplify it, whilst ensuring it has remained secure. We’ve also recently reviewed all our systems and internal processes to ensure we are GPBR complaint. See GPBR blog post for more information.

Updated Apps

Our Apps haven’t missed out on updates as we've implemented new features into some of them as well.

We are here to help. If you experience any issues with our new site please let us know via our help system.

Login to access apps.

When you purchased an app we sent you a password so you can log in. Leave the field empty if you can't remember it and we will send you a new password to use.

You'll remain logged on until you log off (uses a cookie).