Saving time and money on course development

Posted on 5th Feb 2018

Each time we release new apps more and more people are starting to spread the word. We can save you time and money and we think we'll get you telling your friends and colleagues how easy CourseSuite's Ninja Suite apps are to use. These simple and powerful apps provide course developers the ability to concentrate on developing their own specific content in the tools that they know best. Choose the best app to suit the purpose, load your content up, then we convert it into HTML5 ready eLearning courses ready to upload to your eLearning portal.

We have multiple apps designed for specific eLearning requirements. This saves you time and money.

How can we save you time and money?

It's easy:

  • We are subscription based, so you only need to pay for how long that you want to use the app
  • We are in the cloud and your content stays with you.
  • There are free trials available, making it easy to try the apps out - 7/10 users have come back and now subscribe
  • You can use your preferred development software e.g MS Word, PDF, Google, YouTube etc. Just use the appropriate app to aggregate and convert your content into device ready eLearning.
  • No more update expenses, as we roll out updates continually at no further cost
  • You can re-use your content or save them as a template for future use
  • We are developing new apps and new features, which you will have access to.

The Ninja Suite of apps are fast and easy to use, perform powerful HTML5 conversions quickly and are laid out in a easy to use cloud based interface, all allowing you to save money and save you time.

Make sure you see ourDoc Ninja

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