Services beyond the Ninja Suite

Posted on 8th Feb 2018

Prefer to outsource the building of your courses? Get us to build your courses

At CourseSuite, we have experienced staff that can help you build your eLearning content. We have developed a lot of eLearning content and courses for various clients in the past, whilst using our own apps succesfully. Our 'Ninja Suite' is a new suite of apps that was started because we saw a need to develop eLearning content using the latest coding technologies and the latest server specifications, whilst utilising modern browser and device capablities.

HTML5 is our go-to export code base for all of our content, as we aim to give the best possible user experience on most modern devices.

Don't forget that we also offer services beyond our 'Ninja Suite' of apps.

Our experienced staff can help you in any regards when if comes to eLearning requirements. We let you be the content specialists and we can convert your content into eLearning courses.

"Whether it be a single course or many, we can help you!"

With each project we manage, we provide the client with full understanding of the project from start to finish and provide post-publishing support.

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