About CourseSuite

Changing the way online courses are built.

The right solution from the right people.

Course building frustration sparked the beginning for CourseSuite

One afternoon back in 2010, two dedicated staff in our team were creating courses for our clients using other eLearning software, as we’d done for the past xx years. Overtime we grew increasingly frustrated with the tools available to us. All of our time was being spent finding and fixing bugs. When what we really wanted to do was our job – creating content.

We vowed to do something about it.

Setting forth on a noble mission to build our own course building apps and make them just how we wanted them.

CourseSuite and the Ninja Apps was born.

Over 500,000+ successful completions

With all development work done in house, the team have been using our own developed HTML5 CourseBuilder internally for a few years now.

We have achieved over 500,000 plus successful completions from this product alone and counting, we've also had 1000's of downloaded courses over our whole range.

A better solution for course builders

Having been course builders ourselves, we understand all too well the frustration that comes with spending all your time creating and editing a course. When your time is much better spent delivering the content.

It’s for this reason that the CourseSuite applications were made available to the eLearning industry as a whole. We are a highly dedicated team that are trying to make a difference to the World-Wide eLearning industry.

We make it easy to build a course...fast

We’re using cutting edge technologies to ensure we are working towards the future and are always adding additional features and functionals to the suite.

We now have more 60 years of combined eLearning experience with in our team, which is growing every year.

We specialise in modern eLearning services:

*We make innovative apps that are fast and easy to use

  • Our apps output SCORM based content compatible with any compliant LMS
  • All of our apps are coded using today's technology and using the latest development methodologies
  • Being an agile company, we can assess and react quickly to client’s feature requests as required


We’re always evolving

We don’t rest on our laurels. Our team is hard at work anticipating the future needs of the eLearning industry. Because the world is changing. Fast. Through innovation, our latest products are changing the way courses are built

  • You get the right solution from the right people. Our understanding allows us to stay grounded covering practical challenges, our years with an international client base allows us to be experts in our field.
  • We carry forward our insight into our instructional design, project planning and management, user interface development, content curation and creation, technology application and our ongoing support services.
  • From where we are, we are constantly experimenting, improvising, researching and challenging our ourselves to create better solutions and keener insights into what really works.
  • Our time is spent in innovation, future proofing of our solutions, customer service, enhancing product knowledge and in resolving your service queries quickly.
  • We align our expertise to benefit to all businesses alike – whether you have two or two million staff.

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