Rapid content development

Our customers regularly request us to develop e-learning in a rapid time frame (staff inductions, user manuals, policy and procedure documents etc). This is one of CourseSuite's greatest strengths. We can take your idea and have the finished product back to you in a flash.

If you need fast content development, we can create no frills, device ready, trackable eLearning content effectively and efficiently.

Course creation starts from $ 499 (AUD, plus GST)

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Examples rapid built courses

Simple Course
instructional designer
Medium Course
instructional design courses
Larger Course
e-learning development companies
Largest Small Course
custom course creation
All output is converted into device ready HTML5 SCORM or interactive output.

Content types you can supply us

We convert your content to HTML5, so if you have branding or styling it will stay with your finished course. We find the most common files types that we work with are MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Slides, Images, Videos and Quizzes which help provide the best results.

List of supported file types:

We have pre-built templates that can help you get started if needed, ask us and we'll send you links to them.

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