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Preview and test SCORM packages from within your web browser.

SCORM Preview Ninja

Uploading SCORM packages to a Learning Management System to preview and test them can be time consuming and fiddly. This web browser based app allows you to quickly drop any zipped SCORM package on to it to be able to review it with different screen sizings and settings. Once loaded, you can access the SCORM log while navigating through your course and track/debug the information that is being transmitted to the Learning Management System.

How does this work?

It's simple. Drag your Scorm 1.2 or 2004 zip package onto the screen and test your package before placing it into a Learning Management System. No more time spent uploading (and re-uploading) to your LMS to try out your changes. Best of all - it's free.

It's also integrated into all of our other applications as a preview option to allow rapid pre-testing. You can also load up multiple version of your courses to choose which design you like best.


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Who is this app for?

Many years of experience has shown the need to test SCORM courses while they are being developed to test the settings. The Preview Ninja is designed to allow:

  • Content designers: to test and to load up multiple version of courses to help determine the preferred layout, as well as the look and feel
  • LMS administrators: who want to emulate how a course will look and behave in the Learning Management System
  • Developers: trying to trace how the course behaves and check for bugs etc
  • QA and testers: being able to upload any SCORM 1.2 course allows other vendor's courses to be tested

Cleaning up:

How you acccessed the app will depend on how it clears up the courses you have loaded into it.

  1. If you open it from one of our applications within an authenticated sesssion, your courses will remain loaded until you select to reset the app, or an automated service will clear them up on a time to time basis.
  2. If you open the app directly or have an unauthenticated session, your loaded courses will remain active in the app until you select to reset it (or a clean up process will run to automatically clear them every 2 days).

Please note: This application is designed for previewing and testing services. It is not designed for a long term storage solutions or for long term playback funtionality.

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